Our friends from Spellbound are back with a larger than life book that leads children through familiar daily events using favorite nursery rhymes and songs to tell the story, as well as surprising treasures, puppets, and discoveries.

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A watercolor illustration of a green hammer

A construction site comes to life with interactive materials and machines used to construct a surprising project.  This one-of-a-kind performance features digging, lifting, rolling, stacking, measuring, and bulldozing…all the things that 2-5 year olds love best!

Spellbound Theatre is New York’s award-winning theater devoted to creating original, multi-disciplinary performances for very young audiences. Spellbound produces original plays for audiences ages 0-5 and provides early childhood education programs and community events for young children. We believe that young people deserve sophisticated and innovative art experiences and are constantly inspired by the complex and imaginative world of young children.

The first performance of the day starts at 10 am followed by a second performance at 11:30 am.

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