A Textile Arts Exhibition with Kimberly Bush, Stephanie Eche, and Traci Johnson

With common threads, this inter-generational and diverse group of artists weaves together personal meditations that reflect broadly on connectedness, family, community and activism through fiber art. These year(s) of the pandemic have taught us that everything is attached and interconnected, like fibers and fabric. All beings need each other to survive and thrive; we all need to belong.

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Enjoy this virtual tour slide show of the exhibition, photographed by Etienne Frossard.


Kimberly Bush (she/her) is an artist and art therapist with over 30 years experience. Her practice of weaving fibers, mending torn and frayed edges, sewing fabric patches and pieces together, figuratively and literally, demonstrates the interconnectedness among humans. Visit her @kimberlybrooklyn or

Stephanie Eche (she/her) uses found materials and natural fibers to create sculptures that investigate cultural identity, time, and memory. Her processes are intentionally labor and time-intensive, allowing her to reflect on the erasure of indigenous cultures as a result of colonization and capitalism, including the assimilation of her Chicana family. Visit her @stephanie_eche or

Traci Johnson (they/them) is an artist and fashion model who presents bold, colorful abstract sculptural creations that bring a sense of euphoria and vibrant energy to the exhibit. The works embody the texture, softness and comfort of textiles while promoting healing, self-acceptance and self-love; they truly create a safe space for all. Visit them @rugsbykailuaa or