Environmental Education

OSH’s 1.5 acres of gardens provide the foundation for a variety of environmental education programs for adults and children. From Traditional Medicinals – a program for school groups — as well as walks, talks and community programs throughout the year, it’s possible to engage with and draw knowledge from our rich urban landscape.


Outdoor Fun for Kids
Ages 7 to 11

10 Sessions – Full or Half Day

Session 1:  Tuesdays April 6 to June 8

Session 2:  Wednesdays April 7 to June 9

Session 3:  Thursdays April 8 to June 10

Full Day Session:  Noon to 5 pm | Half Day Session: 2 pm to 5 pm

Maximum 10 Students

Are we ready for Spring?

Join us for some safe outdoor fun beginning in April! In-person sessions are weather permitting, with an informal 90-minute Virtual session in inclement weather.

Reading, writing and math support as well as arts and crafts in our beautiful gardens. Rainy days will be virtual, with stay-at-home projects and online meetings via ZOOM.

Suggested activities

  • Compasses, maps and orienteering
  • Seeds, planting and seed collages
  • Botanical drawing
  • Garden journals
  • Herbs, fruits and roots
  • Pickling
  • Potpourris and tinctures

Rain Date activities (Via Zoom)

  • Paper engineering
  • Create your own board game


Full Days $600 | Half Days $400

Financial aid available

Register here today!

Contact education@theoldstonehouse.org for more information.

Photo: Bob Levine.