The Old Stone House Rental Rules

Great Room | Full House

OSH Rental Map 2021


The Old Stone House is located at 336 3rd Street in the center of Washington Park/J.J. Byrne Playground. The Park stretches from 3rd to 4th Streets, between 4th and 5th Avenues.

  • Great Room: 60 seated, 80 standing, not handicapped accessible.
  • Full House (Great Room + First Floor Gallery + Patio): up to 150 with Patio Tent.


  • Great Room: $450 for 4 hours + $100 per additional hour
  • Full House: $1,500 base rate + $100 per hour that you use the space
  • Security Deposit: $250, refundable, due at signing
  • Handling Fee for outside *rental equipment*: $100
  • PA system: $100

Rental times includes set up and clean up. Please do not arrive before your rental time.


Great Room & Full House rentals include the use of:

  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Four 2′ x 6′ plastic folding tables
  • 50 metal folding chairs
  • 30-cup coffee urn
  • Metal beverage bucket for wine, etc (ice not provided)
  • Ipod speaker (can be used with phone or laptop)
  • Second floor bathroom (not accessible)

Terms & Conditions

  • Renter understands that OSH is a museum and must be treated with respect. Care must be taken not to damage or alter any surfaces or displays.
  • OSH will provide premises “broom clean”.
  • Renter must leave the premises in the condition found.
  • Renter is responsible for final cleanup and removal of all debris. You must bring trash bags and clean up after your event.
  • All garbage and recycling must be deposited in the receptacles at the end of the 4th Street cul-de-sac.
  • Amplified sound must be turned off by 10 pm.
  • All vendors- caterers, rental supply companies, service providers- must supply a copy of their insurance certificate naming the Old Stone House, Historic House Trust, and NYC Department of Parks & Recreation as additional insureds.
  • All *rental equipment* including party tents must be rented from approved vendors AZ Party Rentals or Everything Entertainment; these companies will deliver and pick up rentals on the day of the event. The largest tent we can accommodate is a 30′ x 60′.
  • Any catering or rental equipment must be approved in advance. 
  • Parents or legal guardians must be present for the duration of any event planned for children.  
  • The Park bathrooms on the south side of the Old Stone House are available for your use.
  • Please respect the garden spaces and remain on the wood-chipped areas.

Prohibited Items

No unlawful activity on site

No vehicles, open flames, or grilling

No smoking, vaping

No mechanical rides or inflatable structures

No animals permitted except service animals

No costumed characters

No piñatas, confetti, or water balloons

No swimming pools

No admission fee may be charged

No games of chance

No vending unless necessary licenses are on file with OSH

No stickpins, tape, or any other material that may damage walls- artist’s or painter’s tape only