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Help raise funds for child asylum seekers to be able to attend school!

The Sidewalk School for Child Asylum Seekers was founded in response to the Tent City in Matamoros at the border zone between the US and Mexico. The Sidewalk School for Child Asylum Seekers works to lessen the disparity between children who have and children that do not have a state.

The Sidewalk School is currently serving between 75-120 students daily, five days a week. Adult asylum seekers are employed as teachers. All students receive a meal every day they attend, including fresh fruit, which many children did not have access to in the Tent City.

We are raising money to help The Sidewalk School continue to operate, pay its teachers, and provide materials and meals to its students. FREE ADMISSION with a donation to The Sidewalk School. Show us a screenshot of your donation or we will be able to help you donate at the event!

Click here to register!

Suggested donation levels:
$300 provides fresh fruit for a week for the students. Access to fresh fruit is limited in the Tent City
$175 helps fund a teacher, also an asylum seeker, for the week
$75 helps pay the administrator to keep the school running
$25 funds an interpreter to work with lawyers for the aslyum seekers

Come eat, drink, and listen to JJ’s Funky Groove while we raise money for The Sidewalk School!

¡Chau Luna! will be selling Spanish language books to donate to the school and to add to your own library!