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The Brooklyn Brandenburgers have been a staple of OSHs musical programming since 2004.  Join us on Saturday, December 16 at 2 or 7 pm for their annual Family Holiday Concert. Music by Beethoven, Vivian Fine, Grieg, Telemann, Bach, & Mozart.

The Brooklyn Brandenburgers are an ensemble who bring an eclectic mix of styles and genre to every performance. They are:

Flute: Tracy Fitz
Violins: Jane Buckwalter, Michelle DesRoches, Anna Maltby Patil,
Bonne Mogulescu, Tom Owen, Rachel Wyatt
Violas: Howard Chasnoff, Rose Moskowitz, Nadine Post
Cellos: Martha Siegel, Peter Joseph, Chris Owen
Bass: Calvin Bennett
with Special Guests:
Ruth Axelrod and Vishal Vaidya, French Horn

Tickets: $25 adults, children and students under 16 are FREE.  Space is limited so order in advance on Eventbrite.