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Gather your favorite tools and sketchbook to join in our second virtual Figure Drawing session! Everyone from beginners to experts can participate in this session with a clothed professional model. Have fun at home without being alone!

We are grateful to our wonderful OSH Life Drawing team including hosts Dexter Miranda, Alba Acevedo, Raquel Klein, and Ellen Lutter; and our lighting designer Tom Anderson.

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As we shield our breath from the virus, what does it mean to seek sharing breath with other species? How does the temporary pause of the pandemic provide an opportunity for us to sense the web of relations of breathing and air quality?

Dive into these questions in a virtual get-together with our friends from the Environmental Performance Agency. Multispecies Care Circle – Keep Lungs Active is the first of a series of care circles hosted as part of the Multispecies Care Survey; a project launched by the EPA on April 20, 2020 as part of our Regeneration in Place exhibition.

Prior to the Care Circle, participants are invited to engage with “Protocol 03: Keep Lungs Active”, a prompt to experience air quality and exchange with other life forms.

Hosted in collaboration with Interference Archive and invited guest Nora Almeida, this care circle will explore EPA’s new participatory project through the lens of archiving multispecies environmental attunement and the correlation to environmental rollbacks instituted during the pandemic.

To join the Virtual Multispecies Care Circle on Saturday, May 9, please RSVP by email to: environmentalperformanceagency@gmail.com.

Nora Almeida is a writer, librarian, and environmental / labor activist. She has volunteered at Interference Archive since 2015 and works at the New York City College of Technology (CUNY).

Interference Archive is a volunteer run open-stacks archive of social movement ephemera, exhibition venue, and community event space in Brooklyn, NY.

The Environmental Performance Agency (EPA) is an artist collective founded in 2017 and named in response to the ongoing rollback of Federal environmental policy at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Flashback to Park Slope, Brooklyn in August of 1776. Thousands of British troops were quickly advancing on General George Washington from the east, when General Alexander and Smallwood’s Marylanders of the Continental Army decided to make a stand — despite only numbering 400. This is the incredible story of how a group of young men from Maryland saved the rest of Washington’s forces, and as Historian Thomas Field wrote in 1869, was “an hour more precious to liberty than any other in history.”

Join New York Adventure Club and OSH Director of Education Maggie Weber as we explore the incredible story surrounding the Old Stone House, a reconstructed Dutch farmhouse in today’s Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope that was the site of the culmination of the Battle of Brooklyn in August of 1776.

Our virtual journey surrounding the battle that saved America will include:

– The beginnings of the American Revolution and the British army’s strategy once they made landfall in South Brooklyn

– Detailed accounts of the Battle of Brooklyn, and the role the Maryland 400 played in giving General George Washington enough time to escape from sure defeat

– How to the current Old Stone House came to be, which was a 1930’s WPA reconstruction of the original Vechte-Cortelyou House

– Stories around the former clubhouse for the Brooklyn Baseball Club — the team that later became the Brooklyn Dodgers — which once stood on the site in Washington Park

– A look at today’s Old Stone House activities, which include everything from environmental workshops in the garden space, and community theater, visual arts, and music events

Afterward, we’ll have a Q&A session with Maggie — any and all questions about the Battle of Brooklyn or the Old Stone House are welcomed and encouraged!

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Grab your pencils and join us on Zoom for virtual life drawing!

Artists of all ages and abilities are welcome. No judgment, just a friendly environment in which to practice, create, and have a great time.
This is a 3 hour session with a clothed professional model. Participants do not have to stay for the full session.

Zoom Meeting ID: 841 6332 3176.
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Donations to support the Old Stone House are much appreciated.

From our friends at Brooklyn Brainery, this online class is taught by anthropologist Patty Hamrick.

Thousands of African-Americans lived in New York City during the 1600s and 1700s. After world-wide protests by activists, they finally received the recognition they deserved when graves discovered during a construction project, now known as the African Burial Ground, were declared an official national monument in 2006.

African-Americans were already here when this city was New Amsterdam. Both free and enslaved, they helped to build and influence the NYC we live in today. Archaeological research at the African Burial Ground has taught us about the lives, deaths, cultural practices, and religious beliefs of this diverse community. These discoveries led to the site being called “one of the most significant American archaeological finds of the twentieth century”.

This lecture-based class will cover important and fascinating events of NYC’s early history that are reflected in the African Burial Ground,including the transfer of the city from Dutch to British authorities, the slave rebellions of 1712 and 1741, the 1788 Doctors’ Riot, and the Revolutionary War.

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Our monthly Life Drawing session resumes on Zoom!

Grab your favorite drawing tools and join us online for a free 3 hour session with a professional model.
All skill levels including total beginners are welcome, participants are welcome to enter and leave the Zoom meeting at any time.

Meeting ID: 893 3856 8775
Password: 332677

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Join filmmaker Asha Boston on Zoom to view excerpts from her documentary series A Time Before Kale on October 14 at 7 pm.

A Time Before Kale explores the history of black neighborhoods and their struggle to attain economic self sufficiency, determine their cultural identity and preserve their sense of community in the midst of gentrification.

Asha is a participating artist in Brooklyn Utopias: 2020, a contemporary art exhibition on view online or in person by appointment at the Old Stone House until October 18.

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The Zoom Meeting login information will be shared via email with all registered attendees on October 14.

Inspired by our Brooklyn Utopias: 2020 exhibition, Brooklyn Waterfront Research Center will host an online discussion among several of the participating artists from the exhibition as well as our Contemporary Curator Katherine Gressel, and OSH Executive Director Kim Maier.

This exhibit shows aspects of Brooklyn’s past, present and future through the eyes of artists who consider differing visions of an ideal Brooklyn, or imagine their own.

Register for the Zoom webinar here.

See the online exhibition here or book an appointment to visit the gallery in person until October 18.

Against Doom TV, our latest contemporary art exhibition by Amy Khoshbin and Macon Reed will include a series of videos begin with a virtual opening event on Zoom.

In Episode 1 Against Doom TV: Abolition + Electoral Politics, airing on October 22, the artists tackle abolitionism and electoral politics as harm reduction. What does abolitionism mean? How can we use art, direct action, and policy making to create a world without prisons, punishment, and other forms of control? And how do we use abolitionist artmaking and direct action to bring people to the polls and help us imagine a world beyond the current electoral systems we live in?

Creators Amy Khoshbin and Macon Reed will be speaking with City Council candidate Whitney Hu and Abolitionist organizers Derecka Purnell, Sophia Gurulé, Mon Mohapatra, and Ngozi Alston. Macon and Amy will uncover answers with a live online audience through different segments on the show, including a dating show called Love Triangle.

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Pumpkin Pie being cut into slices on wooden table

Join our friend & culinary historian Sarah Lohman for a look at the origins of pie, including meats pies and “coffins.” Then delve deep into the history of pumpkin pie and apple pie, stopping for digressions into the pumpkin spice flavor craze and the history of competitive pie eating.

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