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What do you want your climate-changing future to look like?

Imagine and build your own utopian future for the Gowanus through collage making with Sunk Shore artists Carolyn Hall & Clarinda Mac Low.

Materials will provided, feel free to bring your own printed images if you want to.

This is an outdoor workshop (weather permitting) in the garden outside the Old Stone House. All ages are welcome to participate, please use this link to register on Eventbrite.

Carolyn and Clarinda’s work is currently on view in our Brooklyn Utopias: Along the Canal exhibition in the OSH Great Room & in Sunk Shore at Open Source Gallery.

The Rites of Spring, produced by The Puppeteers Cooperative, is an annual pageant of puppets, music and stories for all ages.

The Rites of Spring has a history of addressing current social issues and climate change, portraying our struggles for dignity, justice and renewal with beautiful imagery and humor. This Spring The Puppeteers Cooperative takes our rising oceans as it’s theme, a subject close to home for citizens of New York. Come delight in this whimsical, dynamic performance for neighbors and families.

Here are photos from a prior Rites of Spring, and the wonderful Neighborhood of Trees performance in October of 2021.