The image shows an orange cat with text that reads "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, Please"

This one-of-a-kind storytelling performance follows a lost toy, Catbear, as he travels through the tunnels of New York City on six different subway lines, looking for his owner.

Each train has its own story, and Catbear experiences all the sights and sounds of New York City before landing home again.

Interactive and intimate, “Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, Please” is ideal for children ages 2-5.

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A woman kneels while playing violin for onlooking children

Arias, sing-alongs, piano, and more will showcase the wide range of soprano, Jessica Fishenfeld, accompanied by piano and cello. The program will feature music and magic!

Mozart for Munchkins creates an interactive and engaging atmosphere in which families can experience and enjoy music! Children of all ages are welcome to roll, crawl, squeal, and dance to their hearts’ content, while parents, grandparents, and caregivers can sit back and unwind.

Everyone 12 and under enters free!

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