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Shadows of four outstretched hands over grey apartment buildings

Join us to discuss the specific form of capitalism we are living in and how New York City become Neoliberal.

Neoliberalism is a confusing, multi-pronged process that changes the role of the state, the ‘market’, and even our own values. We see its impacts in our urban landscape, from what buildings get made to what schools get closed. With a scope this wide, it’s no wonder that this era of capitalism is often hard to define.

After reviewing how exactly we arrived at neoliberalism, we will unpack its current role in New York City. We will discuss its function as an often contested urban, political, and spatial project and then ask: Can neoliberalism ever be useful?

Teacher Lauren Hudson is currently a doctoral candidate in Earth and Environmental Sciences at the CUNY Graduate Center. She writes about anti-capitalist organizing among women in NYC.

Tickets available here.