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“Finding my Folk” engages seven contemporary immigrant artists whose practice embraces the folkloric and its propensity to adapt to its given place and time.⁠

As immigrants who hail from all over the globe and have long called New York home, these gifted creators are actively shaping their own traditions, rituals, and customs by blending elements of their past, memories of “home,” and visions of the future.⁠

Curator: Krista Scenna

Participating Artists: ⁠

Ai Campbell (Japan)

Angelica Bergamini (Italy)

Blanka Amezkua (Mexico)

Carl Hazlewood (Guyana)

Damali Abrams (Guyanese-American)

Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow (Jamaica)

Jody MacDonald (Canada)

Click here to read more on our Exhibitions page. The exhibition will be on view during select hours through April 9.