Be a part of it! Learn Edible Landscaping and Permaculture techniques at the Old Stone House Gardens. The gardens at Washington Park and MS 51 demonstrate how to reclaim our public space, create a beautiful, useful landscape, reduce waste, increase benefits and respond to climate change.  

Limited to 8 participants. Apply below.

Field Training at the Old Stone House Gardens begins April 17, 2018.

10 am – 2 pm

April 17
April 24
May 8
May 15
May 22

April 11
April 18
April 25
May 2
May 9
May 16
May 23

$20 per session or $450 for 40 hour Field Training Certificate Program

Field Training Certificate Program: This training program consists of 40 hours of concentrated field work coupled with home study and unscheduled site visits. Successful participants will be awarded a Permaculture Field Training Certificate.

Perennial food systems, medicinal plants, annual sequencing, soil development, pollinator plants, flood mitigation and climate readiness are lessons offered by our gardens. Community building, stewardship of our public land and social equality underlie all of our work.

Students will shovel, prune, lift and hammer as well as research, map, work with plants and interface with the public – offering a good workout physically and mentally. Handouts will be available online – the emphasis is through direct experience in the field. Move at your own pace and focus on the areas that interest you by interfacing with the instructor and other members of the group.

Field Training sessions will be subject to weather conditions; heavy rains or winds over 20 mph will postpone classes.  Make-up days will be offered.

Led by PINA certified permaculture educator and designer, Claudia Joseph. Claudia Joseph is certified in Permaculture education and Permaculture design by the Permaculture Institute of North America. Ms Joseph holds a Diploma of Permaculture from Permaculture USA.

Contact Claudia Joseph @ for further information.


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    The Certificate program fee is $450. Individual sessions are $20/each
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