JJ Byrne Playground Opens – Help Us Care for the Park!

The new playground at the Old Stone House & Washington Park is open at long last, and we’re thrilled that everyone is so excited about the space.

Because of cutbacks in the NYC Parks budget we do NOT have maintenance coverage on Fridays and Saturdays — this isn’t expected to change but we have hired someone through the Old Stone House to help, which will cost OSH $7,000 annually. We look forward to getting everybody involved and are thankful for the folks who are taking the initiative. Be sure to email us with your suggestions and we look forward to having you as a Friend of the Old Stone House.

Click below to contribute  - $25 from 280 people will cover the additional budget!

Please donate online or send your donation to Old Stone House, P.O. Box 150613, Brooklyn, NY 11215. Help us keep YOUR local park strong.