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    A class learns about the Revolutionary War at The Old Stone House

    Brooklyn's colonial history and role in the Revolutionary War will come alive for your class when you visit the Old Stone House. Our hands-on education programs engage students with the past while fulfilling New York State Social Studies Standards.

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    Learning Standards

    Our Education programs support learning in accordance with NY State Standards for Social Studies, including:

    • New York State & U.S. History
    • Geography
    • Civics, Citizenship & Government
    • OSH workshops support learning by encouraging student inquiry and are designed to accommodate a variety of learning styles.

    The Old Stone House

    • Place-based history and environmental education center focused on Brooklyn’s past, present and future.
    • Culminating site of the Battle of Brooklyn, August 27, 1776.
    • Early Dutch farmstead, built in 1699 by the Vechte family.
    • Clubhouse for the Brooklyn Dodgers in the late 1800’s.
    • Centerpiece of Washington Park, rebuilt by Robert Moses in the 1930’s.
    • Education

    Searching for Freedom: Searching for Freedom: African American Heroes in the Revolutionary Era; 1735-1790

    The American Revolution

    Grades 4-12, 90 minutes

    Learn About African Americans in the American Revolutionary War Era at the Old Stone House

    Explore the stories of individuals who began the struggle for civil rights in the mid 1700’s, then collaborate within small groups to retell these biographical stories through writing, visual arts or drama.
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    The Gowanus Creek

    Pre-Colonial Era

    Grade 4-12, 90 minutes

    Until 1850, the Gowanus was a tidal creek surrounded by a rich salt marsh ecosystem. In this program students separate into small groups to explore the bounty of the Gowanus by looking at oysters, swans, fish, turtles and beavers. Once plentiful in Brooklyn, these species were first utilized by the Lenape, then the Dutch and may still be seen today.
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    Traditional Medicinals

    Dutch Colonial Farm Life in Brooklyn

    Grades 2-5, 90 minutes
    Sept 23-Nov 1/Apr 24 to Jun 13

    How did colonists treat illnesses? While touring our historic gardens, students learn to identify common plants and how they were used in the 1700’s for both food and medicine. At the end of the program, we sample some refreshing Freedom tea.
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    Dutch Toys and Games

    Dutch Colonial Farm Life in Brooklyn

    Learn About Life During the New York's Dutch Colonial Era at the Old Stone House

    Grades K-4, 90 minutes

    Explore daily life in 18th century Brooklyn by trying your hand at traditional crafts and toys! Activities include butter-making, wool production, weaving and traditional games.
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    Colonial Crafts

    Dutch Colonial Farm Life in Brooklyn

    Grades 4-12, 90 minutes

    An intimate slice of daily life in Brooklyn in the 1700’s. Classes divide into small groups, each exploring one traditional household craft. Activities include making bread starters, wool production and weaving, sewing and candle making.
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    The Battle Of Brooklyn, 1776

    The American Revolution

    Grades 4-12, 100 minutes


    Learn About the Battle of Brooklyn at the Old Stone House

    Students work in small groups to create their own strategy for defending Brooklyn from General Howe and the British army.

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    Primary and Secondary Source Documents

    The American Revolution

    Learn About Documents Like the Declaration of Independence at the Old Stone House

    Grades 5-12, 90 minutes

    After exploring original 18th century documents, students choose a storytelling medium to interpret Brooklyn’s rich revolutionary history.

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